"WordTech International has provided us with translation service on technical documents that are of high quality and efficiency since 2002. We can see that all the translators have strong technical background and abundant working experience from the performance on Chinese-English and English-Chinese professional terms translation."
"With our increasingly expanding business in China, a lot of technical materials in English, Russian, Japanese and German need to be translated into Simplified Chinese to meet the clients' demand in Chinese market. We began to establish cooperation relationship with WordTech International in 2002 and it has long-term provided technical documents translation service of high quality on radio communication technology for us. We are quite satisfied with WordTech International's document translation quality, degree of professional technology, meticulous service and staffs' well-behaved occupation quality during the years of cooperation. Thank you WordTech International for helping us expand into the Chinese market."
---Beijing Branch, Tait Radio Communications
Telecommunication Translation
The telecommunication industry is experiencing a boom of emerging markets around the world. As a result, communicating in the native language of a target market is essential in gaining a competitive advantage. Telecommunication translation services enable you to connect with customers and provide the products they are looking for, as well as deliver outstanding customer service to all international customers. Advancements in telecommunications technology continue to expand market opportunities worldwide, increasing consumer demand for service-oriented telecom firms that offer online assistive technology and simplified technical documentation in local languages.

At WordTech International, we understand that the telecommunications industry is extremely specialized. Our translators have theexpertise and the telecom industry knowledge you rely on. You'll never have to worry about "educating" your translator about the technical aspects of your critical documents. Our translators are already trained, and will provide you with the highest quality possible translation.

Our Telecommunication translation expertise extends into:
● Training manuals
● Phone manuals
● Request For Proposal/Quote (RFP/RFQ)
● Technical bulletins
● Electronic database files
● Online “Help” files
● Marketing brochures
● Corporate websites
● White papers
● ISO 9000/QS 9000 manuals
● CAD or CAM files
● Catalogs

WordTech International has proven experience in virtually all areas of telecommunications, including cellular, mobile, wireless, SDH/SONET, DSL, GPON, and optical networking. We specialize in the localization of mobile and cell phones, PDAs, and other devices as well as websites into over 36 languages. At WordTech International, over the years we have provided specialized Telecom Translations for a wide range of global customers, including Huawei Telecom, Nokia, Blackberry, Motorola, ZTE, Samsung, and many other leading cellphone developers. We can al

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